We of the Catholic Faith are so blessed to have all of the saints for our family. Just like earthly family, they are always ready to help us- all we have to do is ask. We have chosen a few of our Heavenly family as patrons for Deus Vult. We hope that through their intercession, God will give us the grace to promote and explain the Catholic Faith and all of it’s ancient and beautiful traditions.

The Blessed Mother Mary is held in highest esteem as our patroness. She, having cooperated with God’s will, became the mother of God. She is the greatest among the saints, and her intercession is most powerful with God. Her life was blameless, which was fitting to her sacred vocation as Christ’s mother, so she is also the most ideal role model for us. Because she is so close to God, we hold her close to us, that through her, we may come as close to God as we can!

St. Philomena is our feminine co-patron. She is the patroness of youth, so she is certainly a good patron to have on a site for Catholic teens and young adults! Little is known for sure about her life on earth, besides that she was a young roman martyr, about 13 years old when she died. She is a powerful intercessor, as she is the only saint to have been canonized based on miracles obtained through her after her death, because we have so little knowledge of her earthly life. We call upon her to guide and help us to inspire our fellow Catholic youths to be strong and virtuous through this site.

St. John Bosco is our masculine co-patron. He is the well- known patron of young people, especially boys. He was a priest and teacher who saw potential in the boys who lived on the streets, whom most considered hopeless losses to society. He taught them not only how to be useful to their fellow man, but also to live well for God. We ask for him to show us how to lead Godly lives as youth, so we can be strong men and women for God.

St. Philomena, St. John Bosco, and Mary Queen of all the saints, pray for us!