Before you read this post, watch a sitcom, any sitcom featuring a family. Now examine the father. How does he behave around his children or his wife? How does he speak to them? What are his habits? Chances are, he’s negligent of those whom he is responsible for, he leaves his paternal duties to his wife, never accomplishes his responsibilities, ect. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present you with the product which took decades of determined labor on the part of the Freemasons, Feminists, and the political left alike: the Effeminate Male.

The unfortunate fact is that this is a realistic reflection of men today, in what are the ruins of western culture. We’ve grown slothful in a world full of unnecessary conveniences, uncaring in our churches, workplaces, and families where we are needed most, and sensual as we are surrounded at all times by a society saturated in sex. Moral men are needed, guided by principles. At a time where strong men need to reclaim society, weakwilled men who have become slaves to their desires hide away.

Men have a special vocation in society. Their role is to lead. It is no accident God made Eve subservient to Adam. Men are the head of society, while women are the heart. In the past, strong societies headed by men governed by Christian virtues have been prosperous, both materially and spiritually. This was Christendom: Christ’s kingdom on earth and Satan’s greatest enemy. Unfortunately, the historical Christendom, defined geographically, is gone, and may never return. But Christendom as an ideal lives on. In each and every Catholic family, there is a small kingdom of God. Family men aren’t just in charge of a collection of individuals. They have had God’s children placed in their charge.

It should then make sense why traditional, Catholic masculinity is under attack. The popular phrase employed by leftist mainstream media today is “toxic masculinity”. This entails the characteristics of the good men which we mentioned. “Toxic” men are “aggressive”, “rigid”, and “sexist”. These are actually dishonest and misleading names for the traits arising from men that the Left abhors, such as bravery, honor, and devotion. I think it would be good to observe that the machismo and bravado which motivate men to do irresponsible things such as reckless driving are the same traits that can motivate a firefighter to rush into a burning building to rescue someone trapped inside. I would also argue that the same “rigid morality” and devotion to family and country present in many “toxic” sailors, soldiers, airmen, and marines have convinced them to risk their own lives to defend their country.

The vocation of Manhood, modeled after the life of Our Lord, is a great privilege to bear. Never reject it.

St. John Bosco, pray for us