Exactly one month following the feast of the Assumption, the Church has set aside a day to meditate upon Mary’s Sorrows. The Assumption, a feast of Mary’s glory is followed by a day to reflect upon her pain. The life of the Virgin Mary was filled with sadness in her vocation as the Mother of God. As Christ’s life was spent preparing for His sacrifice on the cross, Mary too participated in His sacrifice by her Sorrows. Mary’s Sorrows all spring from Jesus’ Passion and it’s foreshadowing throughout His life. She knew He would suffer, and this knowledge was the cause of her sadness.

Mary’s Sorrows in life were sevenfold. The first sorrow pierced her soul before Jesus was a year old, when Simeon prophesied Christ’s mission on earth. At the age of twelve, Jesus was missing in Jerusalem, foreshadowing His burial in the tomb and another sorrow thrust through her. Finally, His Passion and death stabbed the final swords into Mary’s wounded heart.

Really, every sorrow of Mary is a result of our sin. Just like our own mothers feel for us when we are hurt or sad, Mary was severely pained by her Divine Son’s Passion and death. We should strive every day to relieve her sorrow by avoiding that which hurts her Son, namely sin, and by making acts of reparation for sin. Finally, meditate on the Blessed Virgin’s sorrows. Sympathize with her, and resolve never to offend God, Who loves us so much, and out of love for Whom Mary suffers so much.

Sorrowful Mother, pray for us!

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