Today is the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Devotion to her Immaculate Heart was propagated by St. Louis de Montfort in the eighteenth century. He explains the importance of consecration to her in his book, True Devotion to Mary. There are a number of benefits for the faithful soul who devotes himself to Mary this way, and this has prompted others to hold this act of consecration in high esteem.

Many saints and great popes have acclaimed St. Louis’ method of Marian consecration and depended upon it for their own personal sanctity. Pope Saint Pius X granted a plenary indulgence in perpetuam (in perpetuity) to all who consecrate themselves to Mary using St. Louis de Montfort’s formula. Pope Pius the Ninth stated, “I have practiced this devotion ever since my youth,” and Pope Saint John Paul II said that reading St Louis’ True Devotion to Mary was, “a decisive turning point” in his life.

There are many benefits of consecrating oneself to Mary. In True Devotion to Mary, St. Louis de Montfort lists seven, saying that a soul faithful to all the practices of ‘true devotion’ will experience these effects: knowledge and contempt of self; participation in Mary’s faith; deliverance from scruples, cares, and fears; great confidence in God and Mary; communication of the soul and spirit of Mary; transformation of the soul by Mary into the likeness of Jesus Christ; and giving glory to God through his Most Blessed Mother.

He adds,

My dear brother, be sure that if you are faithful to the interior and exterior practices of this devotion which I will point out, [these] effects will take place in your soul.

St. Louis de Montfort, True Devotion to Mary

In short, the faithful soul will become like Christ through Mary after consecration to her. Our Lady’s merits and virtues will take hold, eventually expelling all sin and all that is displeasing to Her. Through this devotion, Mary will lead you to sanctity through the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.

St. Louis de Montfort, Pray for us!