Young ladies, in a world so set against femininity as God has willed it, it is good to hear inspiring words about the womanly vocation. Here are some quotes to brighten your walk in the path to perfection through embracing God’s will for your role in this life.

“Who shall find a valiant woman? Far and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her.” Proverbs 31: 10

How often do we forget how valuable a genuine woman or girl is? Never forget how precious you are to God, girls!

“When you come right down to it, women’s God given femininity includes the fact that we are communicative, nurturing, generous, caring, loving and supportive. It’s what makes us the heart of the home!”

~ Colleen Hammond: “Dressing with Dignity”

Mrs. Hammond has hit the nail on the head: God gave us natural inclinations to everything listed above, so we can fulfill the role God has given to us as women and girls of virtue. By cultivating these virtues, and suppressing the temptations from the world, which encourages us not to be feminine, we can please God and be so much happier in our daily lives!

“A religious vocation does not spell gloom, untidiness or bad taste… Don’t you think God loves beautiful things?”

~ Maria Teresa Quevedo from “Mary was Her Life”

We must not forget the religious vocation when we think of God’s callings for women. Women called to be religious have given everything, even outward beauty, to be as close and as beautiful to God inwardly as possible. Though we are not all called to this vocation, one must never underestimate the power vested in the women who follow God’s call to the religious. They are not cold or without happiness, they are on fire with Love of God, and joyful in His presence!

Say yes

to God

Why is Mary the greatest woman of all time? Because she embraced her vocation! She consecrated her life to God as a virgin, but when she was asked to be a mother as well, she readily agreed. She knew God would only give her what was best for her, so even when life took confusing or surprising turns, she never lost sight of what was good because she chose to obey Him.

The world is a harsh master. Instead of being a slave to what the world and it’s overseers tell you is right, follow God! He is calling you to freedom in Godly girlhood and womanhood. He will give you the strength to do it, if you choose to rely on His guiding hand. This is true empowerment: Godly femininity.

St. Philomena, pray for us!