We are entering the second half of Lent. As we approach the commemoration of Jesus’ crucifixion, let us meditate on Our Lady’s fifth sorrow: Christ’s death on the cross.

Our Lady, along with John, Mary Magdalene, and some others, had been following Jesus all the way up to Calvary. After the long climb, they reached the summit of the hill, which was the place where Jesus was to die. They watched as the soldiers nailed Christ to the cross, each hammer blow pounding their own hearts. Each insulting word addressed to Jesus stung their souls. Finally, after three long, torturous hours on the cross, Jesus commended His spirit into His Father’s care.

What must Mary have felt in these hours, in which she united her sufferings to those of her Son? What horrible pangs of grief stabbed her heart at the moment of His death! After He died, and His side was pierced with a lance, what a fierce sword of sorrow pierced her own heart! There are no words to describe the intense and excruciating suffering she underwent for love of her Son.

How can we console Mary? What could we possibly to do to comfort her in her sufferings? Christ gave Mary to us as our mother when He was dying on the cross. If He gave us His own mother, will He not give us the grace to love her as she deserves? Of course! Pray for the grace to love God and His Holy mother above everything. Then out of this sincere love, unite your daily sufferings to those of Jesus and Mary. They will embrace you with open arms as Christ says to you, “Behold thy mother.”

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!