Who is your role model? Who do you admire and want to imitate above everyone else? There are so many great and beautiful women for us to look up to, it can be hard to decide who is the best – that is, until we think of Mary! Mary is the perfect role model for any girl or woman, of any age or background, and we Catholics should hold her high as our ultimate goal of womanhood. Let’s take a look at some of the examples our Blessed Mother set for us to follow!

From the moment she could make decisions, Mary was always obedient. Because she was conceived without original sin, her will was perfectly aligned to God’s Providence. She knew that whatever God had in mind for her was the best thing for her. She also knew that her parents, teachers, and other authorities were there because God put them there. Just like Mary, we can be obedient and respectful to the people God places over us, because in His love, He only gives us what is best for us. Even if we think someone is too difficult for us to respect, or a task too demanding to for us to perform, it isn’t too hard as long as we remember God’s grace and ask for it. Obedience is much easier when you do it Mary’s way!

And where would we be if not for Mary’s faith! Mary trusted God with all her heart, she never doubted Him for a moment, even when it came to small things. But Mary’s faith was really tried one day, when she had to make a decision which would change the course of history forever: God asked her, a pure virgin, to be the Mother of our Savior. Mary was confused; it was impossible! Of course, she had total faith in God’s power. The church has set Mary before us as, the “Supreme model” of faith in God’s omnipotence (CCC #273), because through her faith, she was able to give to the world the Redeemer, Jesus Christ. If Mary, who was every bit as human as we are, could have that much faith, we can too!

The last outstanding virtue of Mary that I would like to mention is her great love. Mary is the ultimate Mother. She loves us as her own children. In fact, Christ’s first miracle was performed through Mary’s intercession, at the wedding feast at Cana. Even when Jesus told her it wasn’t His time yet, she persisted, and eventually He granted her her request. She continues to do so today, even though people are so sinful and offensive to God, she knows the way to God’s heart, and if we ask her to intercede for us, she will surely come to our aid. As if praying for us wasn’t enough, she watched her own Son die for the sins of the world. Though it saddened her to the very depth of her being, she offered The One whom she loved most to God, because she knew Jesus was dying out of love for her and for us, and that it was the only way for the world to be saved. Only God our Father loves us more than Mary our Mother. Mary knew well how to practice Jesus’ teaching to love everyone around you as He loved us, and His Mother is a perfect example of it. Love is wanting the best for the someone else, especially the salvation of their soul. Let’s join our love to Mary’s today so that we can better help the souls we meet every day get to Heaven, just like Mary does.

I hope you will choose Our Blessed Mother as your role model today and always. Pray for her intercession every day; she will hear you. Tell her what you struggle with; she will understand. She was human too! Don’t let Mary be distant from you, let her be your Mother, and she will lead you to her Son.

Am I not here, who am your Mother?